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The Australian Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas is a nationwide network of professionals working (as volunteers) to reduce our oil vulnerability. We aim to bring the probabilities, risks and opportunities that Peak Oil presents to the attention of decision-makers.

We are part of a network of organisations around the world affiliated with the original Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas (ASPO) founded by Colin Campbell and Kjell Aleklett. The formation of ASPO-Australia is an initiative of the Sustainable Transport Coalition. Our patron is Hon. Andrew McNamara, previously chair of the Queensland Govt Oil Vulnerability Task Force and past Queensland Minister for Climate Change, Sustainability and Innovation

There are groups in most capital cities and some regional centres.  We also have a range of different working groups to focus on the impacts and opportunities Peak Oil will bring to different sections of the community and the economy.   We welcome suggestions and volunteers.

Contact ASPO Australia (click to send email 

Convenor:    Bruce Robinson
 2 Barsden St, Cottesloe WA 6011, Australia 
Phone: 61-8-9384-7409 mobile: 0427 398 708
ASPO Australia people (click on names to contact):

ASPO Australia Committee:

Bruce Robinson (Convenor)
Dr David Worth
David Bell (Treasurer)  e-mail DBell2100 at gmail dot com
Ian Dunlop (Deputy Convenor)  e-mail ITDunlop at Ozemail  dot com dot au
 0412 586 798
Phil Hart
Brian Fleay
Dr Sherry Mayo (Website contact)

Regional & Sub Group Coordinators and Contacts:

James Ward, Coordinator ASPO-Adelaide
0408 819 175   James.dot.Ward.at.UniSA.dot.edu.dot.au
Coordinator ASPO-Sydney    currently vacant, after David Bell's retirement
Elliot Fishman, Coordinator  ASPO-Melbourne
Dr David Worth,  Sustainable Transport Coalition, Perth
Wally Wight, Coordinator, ASPO-Brisbane 
  0417 741 377    WWIGHT.at.GIL.dot.COM.dot.AU
Stuart McCarthy, Convenor, Defence and Security Working  Group    
 0447 095 141   Stuart.McCarthy (at) ASPO-Australia.org.au
Steve Daw, Coordinator ASPO-Hobart, 043 856 1755  
mountainrivertas "at" bigpond "dot" com

Donald Coventry, Convenor, Remote and Rural communities working group 

and Conservation and Environment Sector working group 0426240227 



David Warrilow, Coordinator, ASPO-Gold Coast,

07 5572 9946  DWarrilow (at) Yahoo (dot) com


Tom Engelke, Coordinator, ASPO-South West 

0408 929 761  ASPO-SW  (at) people(dot)net(dot)au

Working Group Convenors:

Richard Campbell,
Phil Hart,  Oil and Gas Industry Working Group  (Melbourne)
Dr David Worth and Colin Endean  Indigenous Communities Working Group (Perth)
Dr David Bennett Agriculture, Fisheries and Food w/g & Biofuels Working Group  (Perth)
Sam Powrie Bicycle/Active transport Working Group (Adelaide)
Dave Kilsby Urban and Transport Plannning Working Group (Sydney)
Dr James Barson Health Sector Working Group (Geelong)
Donald Coventry, Conservation & Environment Sector working group  0427174720

Graham McDonald Construction Industry (Perth)
Richard Bruggemann, Social Services Sector working group (Adelaide)
James Ward Young Professionals Working Group

ASPO Australia people:

Foundation Patron
Hon. Andrew McNamara previously chair of the Queensland Govt Oil Vulnerability Task Force, and past Qld Minister for Climate Change, Sustainability and Innovation
Andrew McNamara

Foundation Committee
Bruce Robinson (Convenor)
(below with Meng Qingyang and Prof Pang Xiongqi, China University of Petroleum at ASPO Lisbon)

Brian Fleay (also WA contact)
Dr David Bennett
Dr David Worth
Dr Sherry Mayo (also Website contact)


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