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Peak Exports
An article in the New York Times 9th December 2007 raises the increasing domestic use in oil producing countries, which is reducing their exports.   Jeff Rubin, of the Canadian Imperial Banking Corporation is quoted.  His presentation at ASPO-VI in Ireland has a lot of information
The NYT article and a couple of slides from Jeff Rubin and Rembrandt Koppelaar are available here.  Peak Exports will be what matters to Australia, and it may be coming very soon.

Wall Street Journal article  Oil Officials See Limit Looming on Production  A growing number of oil-industry chieftains are endorsing an idea long deemed fringe: The world is approaching a practical limit to the number of barrels of crude oil that can be pumped every day. Some predict that, despite the world's fast-growing thirst for oil, producers could hit that ceiling as soon as 2012....

19th International Geophysical Conference, Perth
WA Chief Scientist Professor Lyn Beazley, opened the conference on Monday, 19 November.  
Industry experts Mr Bruce Robinson, convenor of the Australian Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas   ASPO-Australia) and Saudi Aramco VP Exploration,  Mr Abdulla Al Naim, discussed the issues surrounding ‘Peak Oil’, and planning for our oil dependent society dealing with declining oil production.
Bruce's summary presentation is "The Approach of Peak Oil" and a short briefing note is available
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