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Australian Institute of Energy Forum
Transport Fuels: Future Prices & Supply Security Risks  
Adelaide, 9th Nov 2006 

Peak Oil discussed in Adelaide: 
"There were seven speakers plus the guest speaker. Of these, only one, the ExxonMobil speaker attempted to tell the audience that everything was okay – that is, there’ll be plenty of oil."

More details in Notes by James Ward (ASPO Adelaide)
Lloyd Taylor is a geoscientist previously Chairman and Managing Director of Shell New Zealand, has 28 years of international oil and gas industry experience gained with Woodside, Shell, Santos. He gave an interesting and very valuable conservative talk about Peak Oil, and provided us with a news release, and his presentation.

Eriks Velins has long experience in petroleum in Australia, especially in Bass Strait, in senior positions with both BHP Petroleum and Shell.  His presentation was very interesting, reinforcing the Peak Oil story - "Our Challenge is to ensure that all parties, including the consumer, understand this state of affairs and now act upon its implications. It is about doing more and talking less".

Jago Dodson of Griffith University presented their Oil Vulnerability Index mapping, and unveiled the Vampire map of Adelaide.  Also oil vulnerability mapping of regional areas underway.
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