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This aims to link the alarm over climate change into a warning about Peak Oil and Petrol Droughts. 

"Don't wait for oil drought -prepare for worst"   Opinion article as below, published by the West Australian 9th February 2007 (immediately under another article, "Why PM is praying for rain")
Peak Oil: Preparing for the Petrol Droughts - Scientists who warned us for ages about climate change were ignored and derided.  Now, droughts, hotter temperatures and melting glaciers are showing the warnings should have been heeded earlier and action taken. Other scientists have warned us about Peak Oil for years and they have been similarly dismissed, probably just as unwisely. Peak Oil is when the rate of global oil production changes from its current increasing trend to the unavoidable downtrend as the world’s oil fields start their overall decline phase.  We will not run out of oil, but there will be less available each year in future than there has been in the past.

Read the full article and link to references about what Australia can do to prepare.
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