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Short changed by explanation for petrol prices

Everybody is feeling a little short changed when it comes to petrol prices.

But Phil Hart, from the Australian Association for the Study of Peak Oil, is not upset with the price at the pump. Instead, he is wound up by the economists and their explanation that high prices are the fault of refineries in the United States. While there is a grain of truth to that argument, the US has for a long time required imports to make up for a shortfall in refining capacity.

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The following article, by Melbourne ASPO member Phil Hart, was published in the business section of The Age on Friday 16th March, 2007 :

DURING a previous oil price crisis in the United States, a jovial service station attendant may have remarked to customers that "We've run out of $2 gas, but we've got plenty of $5 gas". Attendants on the trading floors might today observe that we've got plenty of $80 (US) barrels, but we're running short of $50 barrels.

Last Friday, the US Energy Information Administration released oil production data to the end of last year. Crude oil production was nearly 200,000 barrels a day lower than in 2005. Total liquid supply was flat. That's gripping news and should be enough to rattle any economist's confidence.

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Richard Heinberg has freatured twice on Australia's Radio National in recent weeks; on Late Night Live (segment starts about 15 minutes into the audio), and on the breakfast program AM .

Heinberg has been in Australia on a lecture tour with permaculturalist David Holmgren. They have been giving lectures and workshops on energy descent and the Oil Depletion Protocol. Heinberg is a well know peak oil educator and author of several books including The Party's Over and Powerdown. The topic of his latest book is the Oil Depletion Protocol. The protocol, originally proposed by Colin Campbell and colleagues of ASPO, is an international agreement for countries to match their oil imports to the declining oil production in order to reduce tension and competition for dwindling oil supplies.
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