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ASPO 6 Conference: Time to React?

The organising committee join me in inviting you to join us in Cork, Ireland, this September for the 6th Annual International ASPO Conference entitled 'Time to React?'

This years Annual International ASPO conference, the 6th, is shaping up to be a truly significant event and for a number of reasons. Not least of which is that this will be the first time Ireland will host the event, home to ASPO's founder, Dr. Colin Campbell. And September is a wonderful time of year to visit the Emerald Isle. In designing the programme and coming up with a theme for the conference we took on board feedback from last year's conference in Pisa and the ASPO USA conference in Boston. Consensus emerged that investing time and effort into trying to come up with an 'accurate' date for peak is not necessarily the most fertile field to furrow. 'Time to react?' was chosen because it resonates on two levels, the most obvious is designed to target the mainstream public for whom the concept is still quite new and generally poorly understood. The second is for the more seasoned student of Peak Oil where the focus of attention is moving from trying to predict when peak might occur to the realisation that the range of possible dates is finite and even the most optimistic forecasts suggest that our modern society faces a truly significant challenge to deal with the phenomenon of Peak Oil. And that will occur within the context of the equally grave challenge we face from the threat of Global Warming. As Global Warming moves into mainstream consciousness we will explore the relationship between these two critical challenges.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference and enjoying your contribution to our understanding of the phenomenon of Peak Oil.

Kind regards,

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Director, ASPO Ireland
ASPO6 Organising Committee

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