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ASPO President, Prof Kjell Aleklett and ASPO-Australia convenor, Bruce Robinson, were invited to give Peak Oil presentations at an international conference in Kyoto (Society of Exploration Geophysicists of Japan) on 27th November.  They then went to the University of Tokyo for a Peak Oil meeting on 29th November held by the Mottainai Society, which is functioning as an "ASPO-Japan" amongst other things. Prof. Yuzuru Ashida (Kyoto University, Former president of SEGJ) spoke at Kyoto, and Prof Ishii at the Mottainai Society (see YouTube video of Prof Ishii's talk, in Japanese).  Prof Aleklett then went to Korea to provide high-level briefings, and then back to Japan to brief a major company about Peak Oil.

Presentations are available on ASPO-Australia
"Peak Oil, Risks and Sweden's plan for mitigation"
Aleklett (English) (10 MB)  Aleklett (Japanese) (11MB),  Aleklett (paper)
"Peak Oil and Australia; Probable impacts and possible options"
Robinson (bi-linqual PPT) (10MB), (and speaker's notes), Robinson (paper with Sherry Mayo),
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