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Chris Skrebowski   Australian lecture tour, August 2006

Luncheon Seminars with CEDA.     Very highly recommended.   Opportunity to hear first hand about Peak Oil
Perth 23rd August,    Adelaide 25th August,    Melbourne 28th August,    Sydney 29th August.   
See www.CEDA.com.au and the above individual flyers for each city.  The Sydney flyer has the most information.

While in Australia Chris will also be speaking at Richmond Town Hall in Melbourne on Aug 28.

Chris was one of those on the important July 10th 4-Corners Peak Oil programme.  He  suggested  Peak Oil at  around 2010 in that interview. He is Editor of the London-based Petroleum Review, a foundation member of ASPO-International and a board member of the Oil Depletion Analysis Centre, ODAC.  See biography

He publishes an annual "Megaprojects review" listing the big oil projects planned to be coming on-stream, together with an estimate of decline rates in existing producing regions.  His methodology is explained separately in "MegaProjects Explained"

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