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Jago Dodson and Neil Sipe of Griffith University's Urban Research Program have released a new paper (August 2008)
Unsettling Suburbia: The New Landscape of Oil and Mortgage Vulnerability in Australian Cities
This compares trends between the 2001 and 2006 census data, and has refined the maps to better handle uninhabited areas like parks and airports.

 2006: Shocking the Suburbs: Urban location, housing debt and oil vulnerability in the Australian City building on their earlier 2005 study Oil Vulnerability in Australian Cities.
CAUTION:  Griffith have changed the links.  The current URLS are http://www.griffith.edu.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0004/48577/urp-rp08-dodson-sipe-2006.pdf
There are other useful papers being published by the Griffith Urban Research Program, see

 2006 Study:  Like the earlier study this uses census data to build up detailed spatial maps of vulnerability to high oil prices in major Australian cities. The original VIPER model used a vulnerability index based on socio-economic index and car dependence. The new study uses a more sophisticated index which takes into account car dependence, income and likelyhood of having a mortgage. Those with mortgages have less disposable income and are therefore more vulnerable to rising oil prices.

Perth and the Gold Coast are included in the new analysis together with new assessments for Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. The highlight of the paperare the detailed maps of oil vulnerability for each of the cities studied. Check them out and see how your suburb is rated!

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