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Andrew McNamara has agreed to sponsor a petition calling for the Oil Depletion Protocol to be adopted by the Qld Government.

This e-petition is available  on the QLD Govt website and can be signed online

Te text of the petition is as follows:
Peak Oil is the term used to describe the peaking of global oil production. After the peak, there will be a gradual, but irreversible decline in the world’s oil production. There is a high probability that this will occur within the next decade.

Currently only about 1 barrel of oil is being discovered for every 5 or 6 extracted, and according to Chevron Texaco, 33 of the 48 significant oil-producing nations worldwide are experiencing declining production. Oil production in the USA peaked in 1971, the UK in 1999 and Australia in 2001.

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The impact of peak oil on nations such as Australia will include:
- increased costs for the production of goods and services;
- inflation;
- unemployment;
- reduced demand for products other than oil; and
- lower capital investment.

Peak oil provides the world with a significant problem, as the global demand for oil is continuing to increase. If, as is currently the case, we do not manage the transition to a post peak oil society, we risk the collapse of our economic system, social upheaval and conflict over the remaining oil.

Action required

To avoid this future, the petiioners request that the Queensland Government adopt the Oil Depletion Protocol (http://oildepletionprotocol.org/), as proposed by Dr Colin Campbell (a world renowned geologist and peak oil expert), as a matter of urgency to ensure a bright future for Queensland.
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