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Andrew McNamaraThe Oil Vulnerability Task Force report was tabled in the Qld Parliament on Oct 11th 2007, by ASPO-Australia's patron, Qld Minister for Climate Change, Sustainability and Innovation, Hon. Andrew McNamara

Andi Hazelwood of Global Public Media broadcast an interview with Andrew McNamara, chair of the Oil Vulnerability Task Force (before its release).
The tabling of the report followed several media articles about it, with comments from ASPO Brisbane's Stuart McCarthy:
Report warns of petrol chaos: September 15, 2007 QUEENSLAND is heading for an oil shock. And it is not a matter of if, but when...
End of the Oil Age is near: September 15, 2007 It's not Doomsday yet, but if we don't act now it soon will be....
Wartime mentality needed: September 15, 2007 The world is not about to run out of oil, according to Queensland's new Minister for Sustainability Andrew McNamara.....You can also listen to Stuart McCarthy of ASPO Brisbane being interviewed by Global Public MediaSend an email to Stuart McCarthy.
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