News Sources
News sources directly related to peak oil or to the oil and gas industry.
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  Link   The Oil Drum
News, views and Anlysis on peak oil and related topics from the community of The Oil Drum. Contributors have backgrounds in social & physical sciences and petroleum geology giving a wide range of views and insights.
  Link   Energy Bulletin
A daily newswire collecting together articles on peak oil and related topics from both the mainstream and alternative press.
Energy journalist Adam Porter's regular audio "podcast" in MP3 format: "Oilcast is news, views and analysis about oil markets and energy geopolitics"
  Link   Global Public Media
Public Service Broadcasting for a Post-Carbon world. Peak oil news and interviews in video and audio format.
  Link   Energy
A monthly supplement of the Scottish Herald and Press, is the newspaper of the Scottish energy sector - often includes articles and editorials on oil depletion issues.
  Link   Oil and Gas Journal (subcription required)
The leading US-based oil and gas industry journal. It has run an editorial series on oil depletion and published a number of studies and articles on the subject.
  Link   Alexander's Oil and Gas Connections
Alexander's Oil and Gas Connections sometimes runs articles on both sides of the oil depletion debate and recently hosted an Oil Depletion mini-conference

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