Peak Oil Primers and Background Information
A number of links introducing the peak oil issue, ranging from the introductory to the in-depth.
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  Link   ODAC Oil Depletion Overview
Overview of oil depletion from ODAC, the Oil Depletion Analysis Centre. Short but sweet - the one to look at if you're short on time.
  Link   The Dry Dipstick
Peak Oil Meta-directory
  Link   Energy Bulletin peak Oil Primer
Good overview with useful links.
  Link   South Australian perspective on Peak Oil
Collection of useful background documents including two handouts from the South Australian forum on peak oil.
  Link   Peak Oil Primer from ACT based Nature and Society Forum
The Nature and Society Forum is dedicated to the establishment and maintenance of a society which is ecologically sustainable and conducive to the health and well-being of all sections of the human population
  Link   CSIRO Sustainability Network Newsletter #143
Includea articles on Oil depletion by prominent Iranian Oil expert Samsan Bakhtiari (his money is on a peak in 2007) and Nova Scotia based activist Frances Oommen. Other issues of the sustainability newsletter have featured oil depletion.
  Link   Wolf at the door
A beginners guide to oil depletion. This site takes a gloomy view of the future, but the beginners guide does a great job of explaining the issues behind oil depletion and demystifying jargon for those new to the issue.
  Link   Future World Oil Supply
(PDF) Future World Oil Supply A very detailed PDF document produced for the Salzberg International Summer School on the Politics and Economics of Sustainable Energy 2003.

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