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Plug-in Australia advocates electric powered vehicles PDF Print E-mail
Plug-in Australia is a new Australian group advocating a switch to electric powered transport.

Plug-in Australia’s purpose is to advocate the use of plug-in cars, trucks and other vehicles powered by cleaner, cheaper, domestic electricity to reduce Australia’s increasing dependence on imported oil and improve the global environment.
Articles on Australia's Gas Supply by Brian Fleay PDF Print E-mail

Brian Fleay of ASPO Australia has written the following articles on Australia's Natural gas Supplies and the consequences of restricted supplies for electricity in the Western Australia.

Natural Gas:  Lessons in WA from 2008 (October 2009)
Natural Gas, "Magic Pudding" or Depleting Resource - A dissertation on the state of Australia's natural gas (August 2007)
Rising natural Gas Prices and Electricity in WA
WA Gas Crisis     September 2008    What can we learn from the Varanus Island failure, and long term supply shortfalls


News from ASPO conference in Ireland PDF Print E-mail
News release

Oil Experts: 80 dollars per barrel is just the beginning

The world is headed towards a long period of high oil prices. That was the singular message of oil industry insiders today at the yearly conference of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas in Cork, Ireland.

James Schlesinger, former Energy Secretary of the United States told the audience that : "Increasing the supply of oil is becoming increasingly difficult. In the large oil fields of the world, such as Cantarell in Mexico and Burgan in Kuwait, oil production is rapidly decreasing. Even the heads of large oil companies, united together in the American National Petroleum Council, agree that we should decrease our consumption of crude oil rapidly by reducing our consumption and change to renewable energy sources."

His message, that the world is headed for a a long period with higher oil prices, was confirmed in speeches by amongst others Ray Leonard, Vice-President of Kuwait Energy Company, James Buckee, the CEO of independent oil company Talisman Energy and Jeff Rubin, chief economist of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.
Qld Oil Vulnerability Task Force Report PDF Print E-mail
Andrew McNamaraThe Oil Vulnerability Task Force report was tabled in the Qld Parliament on Oct 11th 2007, by ASPO-Australia's patron, Qld Minister for Climate Change, Sustainability and Innovation, Hon. Andrew McNamara

Andi Hazelwood of Global Public Media broadcast an interview with Andrew McNamara, chair of the Oil Vulnerability Task Force (before its release).
The tabling of the report followed several media articles about it, with comments from ASPO Brisbane's Stuart McCarthy:
Report warns of petrol chaos: September 15, 2007 QUEENSLAND is heading for an oil shock. And it is not a matter of if, but when...
End of the Oil Age is near: September 15, 2007 It's not Doomsday yet, but if we don't act now it soon will be....
Wartime mentality needed: September 15, 2007 The world is not about to run out of oil, according to Queensland's new Minister for Sustainability Andrew McNamara.....You can also listen to Stuart McCarthy of ASPO Brisbane being interviewed by Global Public MediaSend an email to Stuart McCarthy.
Congressman Bartlett is oil-literate PDF Print E-mail

Here is a recent Peak Oil presentation by Republican Roscoe Bartlett.
A member of the U.S. Congress who is energy literate!.  The new Federal Parliament should invite him to Australia.

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