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TOTAL: "120 million barrels per day will never be reached" PDF Print E-mail
Christophe de Margerie, head of exploration and the likely future chairman of TOTAL, has acknowledged that oil production capacity will never reach the huge targets forecast by the international Energy Agency.

From the UK Times:

The world is mistakenly focusing on oil reserves when the problem is capacity to produce oil, M de Margerie said in an interview with The Times. Forecasters, such as the International Energy Agency (IEA), have failed to consider the speed at which new resources can be brought into production, he believes.

“Numbers like 120 million barrels per day will never be reached, never,” he said
In a second more detailed interview de Margerie acknowledges peak oil:
"People are failing to deal with the reality of the price, which has nothing to do with speculators or even any lack of reserves, which are ample. "It is a problem of capacities and of timing," de Margerie says. "This is the real problem of peak oil."

Queensland Inquiry on Petrol Pricing & McNamara Speech PDF Print E-mail
The Queensland Parliament Select Committee on the Impact of Petrol Pricing has recently completed its inquiry and the report is now available . The inquiry received a number of submissions on peak oil and these have had an impact on chapter 5 of the report "Reducing oil use and dependency".

Also in Queensland, Labor MP (and ASPO Australia patron) Andrew McNamara has given a second speech in the queensland parliament on peak oil in which he says:
The most optimistic assessment of the date for peak oil is given by the US Geological Survey as 2037. Even if we accept that that date is accurate ... it is still only one generation away.

That is one generation to completely retool our economy, to rebuild our communities and to replace our transport sector. I am of the view that ...  inventories and voluntary demand restraint caused by high petrol prices will give us a 10-year window in which to make these changes....

I know that it has been the way of things in politics to not say that we will ever run out of anything or that we have to change our ways to use less of something, but that is what must happen.

The full text is at energybulletin.net .
Chris Skrebowski's latest Megaprojects Update - April 2006 PDF Print E-mail

This news comes to ASPO Australia via www.sydneypeakoil.com

Matt Mushalik has been kind enough to organise permission for us to post a PDF copy of Petroleum Review's April 2006 Megaprojects Update, compiled by Chris Skrebowski and his team at Petroleum Review. Acrobat required.

Petroleum Review April 2006 Megaprojects Update

Here are some notes on the report, from Matt Mushalik:
"Chris Skrebowski, ASPO member and editor of Petroleum Review has presented his latest update of Megaprojects, a list of oil fields planned to come on stream in the next years, now up to 2013. It is entitled “Prices holding steady, despite massive planned capacity additions” and can be downloaded above.

Future Scenarios for Oil and Alternative Fuels by Steve Mohr PDF Print E-mail

Future Scenarios for Oil and Alternative Fuels  was originally written by Steve Mohr as part of his studes in chemical engineering at the University of Newcastle. Steve has kindly supplied this modified version for inclusion on the ASPO website.

The report is a thourough assessment of alternative transport fuels including their pros, cons and practicalities in a scenario of declining oil supplies. It also includes a very useful and extensive set of references.

Ron Cooke takes on Exxon's claim of "No peak oil in sight" PDF Print E-mail

Exxon's recently published this ad in major media outlets claiming that "Contrary to the theory, oil production shows no sign of a peak" . The ad has already been sharply criticised by the Sierra Club, Scientific American and ASPO-USA, and now Ron Cooke, author of Oil, Jihad and Destiny, weighs in with his own rebuttal. His letter is below the fold.


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