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Two new articles from Alan Parker and Matt Mushalik PDF Print E-mail
Two new articles have been added to the bibliography: From Alan Parker an assessment of the impact of peak oil in Australia and appropriate policy responses (part of a submission to a Victorian Senate Inquiry), and from Matt Mushalik an analysis on the failure of planners to account for peak oil in a major Sydney tunnel project.

Parker, A
, (2005) If world oil production peaks before 2025 it puts the well being of all Australians at risk - Appendix from submission to the Inquiry into managing transport congestion by the Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission.

Mushalik, M
(2005) How Cross City Tunnel Planners ignored Peak Oil - Historical Analysis 1998-2002. Document in several parts: Main Report, Appendices, Appendix 2, Appendix 8, Rail Tunnels, European solution.

Book Review: Half Gone by Jeremy Leggett PDF Print E-mail
Half Gone – Oil, gas, hot air and the global energy crisis - Jeremy Leggett
Portobello Books Ltd , 2005

Half Gone stands apart from other peak oil books in combining an account of the impending peak (which Leggett estimates will occur 2006-2010) with that other fossil-fuel ugly sister, global warming. At first glance one might think that the arrival of the former might reduce or delay the latter, but Leggett points to the possibility of a peak-oil driven dash for coal increasing carbon emissions and hastening climate catastrophe. His book is essentially a heartfelt plea to respond to peak oil with climate-friendly alternative energy rather than resorting to coal.

Huge new oil discovery in Brazil, But... PDF Print E-mail
Brazil's state-owned oil company, Petrobras, says it has discovered a huge new offshore oil field off the coast of Rio de Janeiro state.  Petrobras estimates it contains at least 700 million barrels of crude - about 10% of Brazil's current reserves.
But it would only supply the world for 8.3 days.  The world is using about 84 million barrels of oil each day, so we need a string of similar "Huge" discoveries, one every 8.3 days to keep us going.

ASPO briefs Swedish PM on Peak Oil PDF Print E-mail
Dec 13th, Stockholm.  Prime Minister, Göran Persson, said we are about to experience the oil peak and so need to assess measures to mitigate its effects and to transform society to adapt to this, including looking on how transport and car use will look in the future.  After the Prime Minister, ASPO chairman Kjell Aleklett gave a short lecture introducing Peak Oil. More.  

We may well soon to see Australian leaders following this example and openly discussing the probabilities, risks and opportunities of Peak Oil, and perhaps even inviting ASPO-Australia to provide briefings.

Oil Vulnerability in Australian Cities: Qld report PDF Print E-mail
Outer suburbs feel squeeze from rising petrol prices
A new Griffith University report has found poorer outer suburbs in Australian cities are likely to be most affected by rising petrol costs because of their dependence on motor vehicles and limited access to public transport.
This contrasts sharply with wealthy inner suburbs, which are less vulnerable to high bowser prices because of their higher incomes and better access to public transport.
See also a later article about more recent reports at
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