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As noted in EnergyBulletin.net this was an important editorial in The Age , an influential Australian newspaper. It discusses peak oil and including ASPO's appearance at the Perth Senate hearing. It is a good summary of the issues and ties in with The Age's recent editorial campaign on improved public transport for Melbourne.

The editorial is a rchived here: http://www.energybulletin.net/15274.html

Governments can't do much about the oil price. Politicians and the public can do much more to modify policies and behaviour to prepare for a new era of energy use.

Australians who go out in their cars this weekend and fill up with petrol will shudder at the cost. They may even mutter that the Government must do something about the price. Perhaps, though, they should pause for a moment and look beyond the figures on the bowser to the insatiable demand for finite oil reserves that is driving up prices. They might then realise that cutting fuel taxes is a counterproductive solution; it encourages Australians' dependence on oil and thus their vulnerability when oil runs out or, probably well before then, becomes prohibitively expensive.... (follow the linke for more)

A few days later the Age also published a related Peak oil article (link is to original version) by Elliot Fishman of the Institute for Sensible Transport .

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